The 9 Most Watched Netflix Series Ever

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Of all the streaming services available today, Netflix stands out as the most popular. The platform's catalog is quite varied and is growing more and more to meet the demands of the public and deal with the competition that is also proving to be quite competent in the market.

Serial productions are what you might call the site's "specialty" and today we're bringing you the nine most-watched Netflix series of all time, according to data released by the platform itself. The titles will be listed in descending order, starting with the one with the fewest hours watched and ending with the one that has accumulated the most screen time among subscribers. Is your favorite series among those listed?

Who Killed Sara?

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The first work to open the list of most-watched Netflix series is Who Killed Sara? Launched in 2021 and whose first season has reached 58,400,000 views. This title has a more mysterious feel and quickly fell in love with the public, being highly rated by most of those who watched its episodes.

The series follows a man called Alex (Manolo Cardona) who has spent 18 years of his life in prison accused of murdering his sister. When he gets out of jail, Alex is willing to do anything to prove his innocence and take revenge on the Lazcano family who framed him in order to defend his reputation. The discoveries he makes over the course of the episodes are always the highlights of the entire narrative.


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Also released in 2021, Lupin is one of Netflix's most watched series with a total of 99,500,000 hours watched in its first season. Audiences liked it so much that it spent several days among the platform's most-watched series after its release, with many positive comments about its plot.

Here we follow an assassin who acts as a kind of "anti-hero", using his knowledge to take revenge on a wealthy family that has committed an injustice against his father. The series has many high points, but the kidnapping of the son of the journalist who tries to help the protagonist and his eventual murder are undoubtedly one of the most shocking. This is a plot full of mystery, action and emotion that is well worth watching!

The paper house

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The fourth season of La Casa de Papel earned the show its place among the most-watched Netflix series. With a total of 106,000,000 hours watched, the story still captures the attention of viewers today and became a worldwide fever at the time of its release.

Here the story begins when a group of eight thieves get together to break into the Spanish Mint while the character known as the "Professor", the mastermind behind the whole plan, manipulates the police to make everything work. The stories of the main characters are the most striking parts of the book, as well as the action scenes and social criticism, of which there are many.

The Queen's Gambit

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Another title that was very successful when it was released in 2020 was The Queen's Gambit, accumulating 112,800,000 hours watched around the world and becoming one of the most watched Netflix series of all time. The intelligent development of the plot is what attracts the most attention from the public and is also the part most praised by critics.

In the story, a young orphan girl discovers she is a chess prodigy in a 1950s orphanage and sets out on a journey to become the number one player in the world. The problem is that she will have to deal with many challenges along the way, such as addiction. The protagonist's dilemmas, presented throughout the series, are always very striking and touch the viewer in a unique way.


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Bridgerton is the kind of series that hooks you from the very first episode, and audiences don't seem to disagree, as it has amassed 113,300,000 hours watched around the world. The story is based on the book series written by Julia Quinn and was so successful that it became one of the most watched Netflix series of all time in its first season, released in 2020.

The story takes place in an ancient England, marked by balls given by high society and royalty, where mothers try to present their daughters to society in order to get them married. Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor) doesn't seem very interested in this kind of situation and ends up making a deal with the Duke of Hastings (Regé-Jean Page), so that they can pretend to be in a relationship and escape the pressure of society. The highlight of the story is when the two realize that what was just a deal is starting to become something more.

DAHMER: Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

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Produced by Ryan Murphy, also responsible for American Horror Story, Dahmer is a series based on real events that seeks to portray the story of Jeffrey Dahmer (Evan Peters), one of the best-known serial killers in the United States. Dahmer's case is cruel and brutal, and has been described by audiences and critics as something "for those with a strong stomach".

The ruthless killer Dahmer held audiences' attention on screen for a total of 115,600,000 hours, securing his place among the most-watched Netflix series. The story is full of strong and uncomfortable scenes, especially when it comes to social issues linked to racism. Dahmer is so cruel that he even ate the organs of his victims, who numbered 17 men and boys.

Stranger Things

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Stranger Things is one of the titles that has helped Netflix become popular as one of the biggest series producers today. It has been one of Netflix's most famous series since its launch in 2016 and its fourth season takes bronze among the platform's most-watched series with a total of 140,700,000 hours watched worldwide.

The story begins when strange events start to plague the fictional town of Hawkins. After the disappearance of a young boy, things start to get even more bizarre and it is then that a girl with supernatural powers enters the scene making everything even weirder. If you're looking for suspense, horror, adventure and thrilling scenes, this is certainly the perfect series for you, among the most-watched Netflix series!


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Another hit for Netflix's youth series niche is Wandinha, which takes the silver medal in our ranking. The series launched in 2022 was a real hit and remained on the platform's most-watched list for several weeks, collecting praise from the public and 252,100,000 hours watched, making it the second most-watched Netflix series of all time.

This plot brings back into the spotlight a family already well known to Geek audiences: The Addams Family. In the story, Wandinha (Jenna Ortega), daughter of Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and Gomez Addams (Luis Guzmán), is expelled from a traditional school for humans and is forced to attend an institution for supernatural beings. The plot twist about the villain of the plot and also the development of the character played by Ortega are the best parts of this incredible work that deserves to be among the most watched Netflix series ever.

Round 6

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And the gold medal among the most-watched Netflix series goes to the South Korean production Round 6, which has achieved the milestone of 265,200,000 hours watched worldwide since its release in 2021. The story produced by Hwan Dong-Hyuk took home several awards and won over audiences with its social criticism and scenes full of blood and violence.

The first character we meet in the plot is unemployed Gi-hun (Lee Jung Jae). His life is in absolute misery and he doesn't help to change that either, sinking into gambling debts. Things look set to change for him when a mysterious man invites him to take part in a game. A game that will make him millions or cost him his life.


Although all of the most-watched Netflix series listed here deserve their place, Round 6's place in the spotlight was more than deserved. With a considerably low budget, the show succeeded in everything it set out to do and remains close to the heart of every viewer who took the time to watch it because of its striking scenes and development.

But what about you? Which of Netflix's most famous series did you enjoy the most? Share it with us in the comments! Enjoy and also check out our article on the ten biggest blockbusters of all time!

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