How to Get Pal Fluid in Palworld (Updated)

Find out how to get this much-desired feature in the game!

Palworld is one of today's most acclaimed games and players of this game know how important it is to keep a stock of the resources it offers. In today's article, for example, we'll show you how to get pal fluid quickly and easily so that the item is always in your inventory. Want to find out how? Follow us and we'll explain in detail!

After all, what is pal fluid for?

Before understanding how to get pal fluid, it's important to know what it's used for in the game. Pal fluid, like other items, is very important for building items that will be used in your base. Some of these items are cement, a tomato plantation and even a kind of bathtub that serves as a hot spring.

The thermal fountain can be built with pal fluid
The thermal fountain can be built with pal fluid

The hot spring is an excellent way to increase your pals' sanity levels. As they are almost always working on base tasks, the bar indicating this attribute can become low, which will result in a more irritable companion who may even refuse to work.

Relaxing for a while in the hot water helps to stabilize your mood and return you to work in a better mood. Having a hot spring can help a lot, and for that you'll need pal fluid which, as you'll see below, isn't that complicated to obtain.

How do I get pal fluid?

Most of the items in the game are dropped by specific companions as you fight them or capture them. The best way to get pal fluid is exactly that: by capturing or fighting specific companions. The pals that drop pal fluids when they are knocked down or captured are the pals of the water elementSo the most likely areas to find them are near rivers, lakes and beaches.

Pals of the water element often drop pal fluid
Pals of the water element often drop pal fluid

Once in one of these places, you should look for Fuack, Pengullet, Teafant, Celaray, Gobfin, Surfent, Kelpsea or Jormuntide who are the pals capable of dropping pal fluid for you. Once you've spotted them, you'll have to fight them or capture them and then they'll drop the item you need. We advise you to go well prepared with items that will help in the battle process, as some pals are more complicated to face and can pose a real threat to your character.

To get a large number of these items, it's a good idea to build your base near a beach, as there will be plenty of water pals to catch. As water pals are a little harder to find than other types, you should always be on the lookout for them.

Hot spring in the inventory
Hot spring in the inventory

Pengullets are the most frequent in terms of appearances, so collect as many as you can, since to build the hot spring, for example, you'll need at least 10 pal fluids in your inventory. Remember that the hot spring isn't just for the pals to rest, but also for upgrading your Palbox, so building it is essential.


Finally, if you're wondering how to get pal fluid in Palworld, the tip is: capture as many water pals as possible and keep your base close to the beach. By following these two main tips, you're sure to never run out of this much-wanted item in your inventory and you'll be able to use it without fear to build things in your base.

But what about that? Did we help you with this article? Share your experience looking for pal fluid with us in the comments! Also check out our article on the best combinations in Palworld so far! We guarantee you won't regret it!

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