Where to Find Silver in Fallout 76: Updated Guide

Discover the best places to get this item in the game!

Knowing where to find silver in Fallout 76 can be the key to improving your items in the game. This is because this resource is used to improve resources, armor and lots of equipment that will be very important for your gameplay, especially when you start to reach the end of the game.

Knowing the importance of obtaining silver for Fallout 76 players, we've organized the article below with the best locations where you can find the resource. Following the tips below will make it difficult for you to run out of silver in your inventory, so join us to check it out together!

Where to find silver in Fallout 76

Silver in the game can be created by using items considered to be scrap that can be transformed into the desired ore. To do this, you'll need to find plates, bowls, forks, spoons or any other item that can be turned into silver and make your way to a Chemical Station to start producing it.

This type of thing is easier to find near dining areas, but other types of scrap that also work as raw materials for the item you want are available in the area around the Whitesprings Golf Club. However, although it's an excellent place to find silver in Fallout 76, the place is full of Feral Ghouls so it's important to stay alert and be careful. These Ghouls themselves usually show up with scrap metal, which can make your life a lot easier.

This is one of the best places to find scrap metal in the game
This is one of the best places to find scrap metal in the game

Another option would be to go to the Whitesprings Shopping Center to find the Aura store and talk to the NPC Helena. She usually sells a lot of items that have silver in them and that you can melt down to use it to refine your resources and equipment.

Location of Wendigo Cave
Location of Wendigo Cave

But the sources of silver in the game aren't all scrap metal. You can also mine the raw form of the item and a great place to find silver in Fallout 76 in this state is the Wendigo Cave located in the Wild Division. The place is full of areas with the ore as well as Feral Ghouls that can drop silver for you if they are defeated.

Extra Tips for Finding Silver

In addition to the places where you can find silver in Fallout 76, there are also a few tricks that can earn you a few extra units of the ore during the course of the game. One of them is to look for boxes and containers that are located near residential areas, as there may be scrap metal lying around that can be turned into silver. Increasing your perception to highlight scrap items containing silver in the environment can also help you in this search.

Silver ore in the game
Silver ore in the game

Not missing out on events is also a golden tip on where to find silver in Fallout 76, as many of them such as Uranium Fever and Guided Meditation offer the chance to collect a generous amount of silver. Selling the excess silver you have in your inventory to other players can also help you a lot in the game, as it can earn you a lot of caps, a bottle cap-shaped item that is also very important in the game as it serves as the currency.


By following the tips presented in this article, silver will hardly ever be missing from your inventory. Just remember that it's not just important to know where to find silver in Fallout 76but also to protect yourself while searching for the item. In the Wendigo Cave, for example, several hostile mobs may get in your way, so being prepared for battle is essential! The use of armor and resources geared towards exploration can also optimize your search and yield more when it comes to collecting your silver, so stay tuned for that too!

But what about that? Were we able to help you map out a route to getting silver in the game? Let us know in the comments what your experience was or is like! Also check out our latest publication on available codes for the game Pokémon Unite and if you're interested, we'll leave a related video below for you to watch.

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