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Discover the fruit that best suits your playing style!

The game Blox Fruits is an excellent choice for fans of Roblox and also of the anime One Piece, based on the manga by Eiichiro Oda. This is because the game is openly inspired by this work and uses the Roblox platform as a base. In it, the Devil Fruits are the focus and have various purposes that can cause a lot of damage to an opponent.

In order to help you collect the best fruits early on, we've put together this list of the best fruits in Blox Fruits, classifying each one by its usefulness in the game. The criterion used to choose them will be the abilities presented by each one. Can you guess which ones will be present in this article?

The best Blox Fruits for those who want to invest in PVP

If you're the kind of player who wants the best Blox Fruits to do well in fights against other players, there are two fruits that are perfect for you. With them, your character will give anyone who tries to fight him a hard time and you can check them out below.


Pasta is a great fruit for PvP
Pasta is a great fruit for PvP

This Paramecia and Natural type fruit has a Beli cost of 2,800.00, equivalent to 2,400 in Robux. In its passive state it offers protection to the player and works like an elemental fruit. However, when in its unawakened or awakened active state, it grants incredible combat abilities.

And it is precisely because of her potential that she is considered one of the best Blox Fruits. In her unawakened form, she can manipulate the dough in various ways to attack her opponent, from wrapping her arm in hot dough that can be thrown at the enemy to turning traditional screw rings into dough fists. In her awakened version, she can be even stronger, making the character's fists much more skillful.


Venom is considered the best fruit to fight
Venom is considered the best fruit to fight

Venom is also one of the best fruits in Blox Fruits when it comes to combat against other players. It costs 3,000,000 in Beli and 2,450 in Robux, and is considered by many players to be the "meta fruit" when it comes to PvP. This is due to its damage potential in both its passive and active abilities.

In its passive form, this fruit can acquire a deadly poison that directly affects enemies and creates pools of poison, among other things. In its active form, this fruit can even transform into a three-headed dragon that alters the damage and functions of skills!

The best fruit for Area Damage

But if you want to focus more on damaging a larger field rather than just individual attacks, we can also tell you which are the best Blox Fruits for that! With it, many enemies will receive damage just by being in its attack area.


Darkness is one of the best fruits in Blox Fruits
Darkness is one of the best fruits in Blox Fruits

The Dark Fruit is not a very expensive fruit compared to the two above, but it is one of the best fruits in Blox Fruits for shooting area damage. Costing 500,000 Beli or 950 Robux, it also gives the player immunity to physical attacks in its passive form.

But it is in its active form that Darkness shines. In its unawakened version, it can create portals that throw black stones at opponents and in its awakened version, it can create a dark sphere similar to a black hole that sucks in enemies and throws them away, causing a lot of damage.

The best fruit for protection and walking on water

If you want to protect yourself and also get to places surrounded by water, Blox Fruits is one of the best fruits to help you. With it, you'll be able to get very far without anything serious happening to you.


Magma will help you a lot in the game!
Magma will help you a lot in the game!

Magma is the perfect fruit for this purpose and will cost you 850,000 Beli or 1,300 Robux. The ability to walk on water will only be acquired after unlocking its awakened active form, but already in passive and unawakened active form it can already be considered one of the best Blox Fruits.

This is because in its passive form it makes the player immune to lava, which is great for protection. In its unawakened active form, it is capable of creating various moves involving lava that cause a lot of damage to enemies as well, making it a versatile fruit, but its main highlight is its defensive ability and the fact that it allows the player to walk on water when in its awakened version.

Best Stun for PvP

If you're a PvP fan, but fighting isn't your focus, we can also tell you which of the best fruits in Blox Fruits are ideal for your game. The one we rated as the best for stunning opponents in hand-to-hand combat is a very good option for those who want to stun their enemies.


Lightning is great for those looking for speed
Lightning is great for stun seekers

For a total of 2,100,000 Beli or 2,100 Robux, you can get Lightning, which is considered perfect if you're wondering which is the best Blox Fruits for stun in PvP. It also gives the character great speed and can be of great help for many other things because of this.

In its unawakened version, it can create a shock dragon that electrifies the opponent in an explosion, among other abilities. In its awakened version, this incredible fruit can even teleport your character a total of three times without having to worry about cooldown!  

Best fruit for healing

Now, if you want to focus on healing so that you're always full of life, your fruit could be something else. Among the best fruits in Blox Fruits, there is one that manages to deliver very good numbers when it comes to recovering your character's HP.


Spirit is very good for healing effects
Spirit is very good for healing effects

The Spirit fruit also has very good destructive potential in combat, but it is in healing that it excels. It will cost you 3,400,000 Beli or 2,550 Robux, but it will be a worthwhile investment in the future.

The fruit gives its user the ability to collect the souls of their opponents by eliminating them and is also accompanied by two partners: an angel and a demon. Their presence will alternate according to your character's calm or fury and they can also summon spirits to throw poisonous gas or - and this is where the Spirit fruit comes into its own - heal themselves.

Best fruit for attack resistance

If you're the type of person who doesn't shy away from a fight, faces the enemy head on and wants to invest in stamina to hold your opponent off for as long as possible, we also have the perfect fruit for you. With this fruit, your enemy will give up as long as you hold out and that's why it's one of the best fruits in Blox Fruits.


Dragon fruit could be a great option for you!
Dragon fruit could be a great option for you!

Of course we're talking about the Dragon fruit! As for the passive skill, it grants the player more than 60% resistance against damage from all types of attack, also allowing the player to start the battle with the fury bar already at 50%. Its cost is 3,500.00 Beli or 2,600 Robux and it also gives the user the power of Dragon Transformation, remembering that we're still only talking about its passive form!

The active abilities of the Dragon fruit are also quite amazing! They range from emitting a powerful beam of energy from its mouth that can ward off enemies, to transforming into a dragon. This last ability can only be activated if the rage bar is full, which is always worth remembering.

The fastest flying fruit

Agility is also essential in any game like Blox Fruits and if speed is the focus of your play style, we've got the perfect fruit for you too! Not only will you have the speed you need, but you'll also be able to cut through the air in mid-flight!


Is it speed you want? Light gives it to you!
Is it speed you want? Light gives it to you!

Light is an excellent fruit for players looking for speed. It costs only 650,000 Beli or 1,100 Robux, which makes it quite affordable compared to the others already mentioned. Its passive grants immunity to physical attacks of a lower level than your character's and the creation of a sword of light.

In their unawakened active form, the player will already be able to use light symbols to fly quickly, although their speed will depend directly on their health. In their awakened active form, the player will be able, among other abilities, to launch a shower of light straight from the sky, but this will require very precise aim on their part.

Best fruit for exploitation

Do you like to wander around and explore the resources scattered around the map? Don't worry, there's one of the best fruits in Blox Fruits that will help you be the best at it and we'll tell you what it is!


Ice will come in handy when exploring!
Ice will come in handy when exploring!

The Ice fruit's distinguishing feature is that it can freeze water, making exploration much easier. To do this, it will consume 4 energy points for each block of ice created, but you won't need to worry about boats when exploring more distant lands surrounded by water.

It costs a total of 350,000 Beli or 750 Robux and also has combat advantages. Its passive makes the bearer immune to physical attacks, unless they have an Aura or come from a higher level NPC. This fruit is highly recommended for beginner players due to its high potential.

Best fruit in terms of versatility

Finally, if you're the type to be a jack of all trades and are looking for versatility in the game, there's also a fruit among the best fruits in Blox Fruits that will give you everything you're looking for. By getting one of these fruits you'll be able to do a bit of everything, proving to be very versatile when it comes to your gameplay.


Buddha is the perfect fruit for those looking for versatility
Buddha is the perfect fruit for those looking for versatility

The Buddha fruit in its passive form transforms your character into a golden version of a gigantic Buddha that reduces damage received by 50%. You'll also be able to apply a shockwave to smaller enemies, you'll be able to acquire long-range attacks and even immunity to water, but the latter only in its awakened version.

This fruit costs a total of 1,200,000 Beli and 1,650 Robux and, like the others, can be an excellent investment to enhance your experience in the game. It has a large number of skills that will be useful for many things in the game, not just combat. Without a doubt one of the best fruits in Blox Fruits!


However, it's always good to remember which fruit will occupy the top spot among the best fruits of the year. Blox Fruits will depend solely on your style of play. Here we've listed the best ones according to the categories they're most commonly used for and, depending on which of these categories is most appealing to you, the fruit indicated in it will be the best option to invest in. For example, if you like to go on the attack, Venom will be the most suitable, while Magma will work better if you're more of a defensive player.

But what about it? Tell us in the comments which game category is your favorite and which fruit you like to use the most! We're looking forward to hearing what you think of the game! Enjoy and also check out our list of updated codes to redeem at Blox Fruits in March!

Below are some questions that may also interest you:

Which Blox Fruits are recommended for beginners?

The best fruits for beginners to farm are Light, Ice and Buddha.

How are the Blox Fruits classified in terms of strength?

They fall into three categories: natural, elemental and beast.

What are the most powerful fruits for combat in Blox Fruits?

This will depend on your gameplay, but in general, the Poison fruit is the one that many players consider to be the best for combat.

How do updates affect the ranking of fruits in Blox Fruits?

Update 11 added a new currency called "shard" to Blox fruits. Using this currency, some fruits can be awakened and thus gain new abilities and powers.

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